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About Abodely

Abodely is all about improving the experience for those who love homes. By providing a community of like-minded people who can share their homes or experience those of others.

It provides a canvas for those who are house proud to showcase their homes, either to friends and family or to the Abodely community. Today their needs are met poorly on the ubiquitous ‘horizontal’ social media platforms.

For home enthusiasts, Abodely provides a unique opportunity for home discovery to find specific homes or homes with quirky features that may otherwise go undiscovered. Ever searched for a spiral staircase 4 bedroom home in Manly, or apartment with a rooftop pool in Parramatta? 

Abodely is being built on social media to support and build better experiences for home owners or discoverers, instead of simply being a lead or data being sold to the highest bidder. This evolution to social media  2.0, with social media being used to build trust and transparency, but also providing a private and safe community.

Meet the Team

Tom Coe
Ryan McAleer
Partnership Manager
Paris Hailwood
Content Lead
Liz Tierney
Ian Bensley
Digital Marketing Specialist