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Who is Abodely for?

From Homeowners to Buyers, we got you covered


  • Market your home with a free ‘always on’ profile to reach tomorrow’s buyers today without any obligations to sell.
  • 'Test the market' and get real time feedback from interested buyers on the value of your home.
  • Save thousands on marketing expenses, maximise your privacy and enjoy flexibility to work with an agent or go solo.
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Interested Buyers

  • Beat the competition by connecting directly to owners to express your interest before your dream home even hits the market.
  • “Follow” and track your favourite homes and receive notifications when the owners are open to a sale.
  • Experience the tranquility of reduced pressure and stress through direct communication with homeowners.
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Over 1000+ Users use Abodely

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Lara Dunne

"Interest in our investment property on Abodely gave us the confidence to go to market and sell. It was very reassuring knowing that there was interest from buyers before we engaged an agent and that demand in the New Lambton area was strong"

Lyn Barber

"Our home sold fast thanks to the Abodely’s off market audience of buyers. Our chosen Agent eventually sold it to one of our home’s followers on the app. Highly recommend for a stress-free experience without huge marketing costs!"

Robert Close

"Abodely was a game changer for my wife and I when we recently sold our place in the inner west of Sydney. We went to market with confidence and buyers that were already lined up. It took a lot of stress out of the sale and significantly reduced our marketing costs"

Lauren Schnipp

"Abodely was great for us because we could easily connect with buyers to gauge interest before going ahead and putting our property on the market to sell"

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Discover exclusive off-market properties that haven't hit the market. Follow your favourite properties and get notified when the owners may be looking to sell.

get free insights about on your property on Abodely


Showcase your property by posting updates regularly. Influence prospective buyers with engaging home content to maximise interest in your home.

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Test the market with confidence by getting real-time feedback from potential buyers. Message Abodely users directly to enquire and make offers before their property hits the market.

Showcase your home

Showcase your home and find real buyers to sell to next week, next month or next year, you're under no obligation to sell. Validate your property value through feedback, and receive direct enquiries.

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Discover your next home

Find your future property on our platform today and be notified when the owner is looking to sell in the future. Or why not message the owner directly to make private inquiries and split the savings with the owner from avoiding expensive listing fees on your purchase.

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Find your agent

We offer flexibility in your home journey. Whether you’ve already got a preferred agent or seek our assistance in finding the best local agent to maximize your outcome, all while avoiding costly marketing campaigns.

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