Get Ahead of the Competition

Looking to buy your dream home? Look no further, than Abodely. Our innovative platform offers Australians an easy and simple way to save time and money when buying or selling property.

Discover your future property on our platform today and be notified when the owner is looking to sell in the future. Or why not message the owner directly to make private enquiries and split the savings with the owner from avoiding expensive listing fees on your purchase,

Searching for your next home should be simple and enjoyable, make your next search on Abodely.
Find your dream home on Abodely and save time and money.
Whether they are on the market ow not.

How does Abodely work?

Getting started on Abodely is free, simple, and secure.

  • Sign up - Sign in via our website or our app.
  • Explore - Search exclusive properties that haven't hit the market and discover your dream home.
  • Engage - Like, comment, share and follow your favourite homes. Be updated when your dream homes goes off market.
  • Connect - Message the owners directly to enquire about the property.

Who is Abodely for?

Abodely enables to find your dream home, investment property or home design inspirations by connecting you directly with the owner on a secure digital property platform.
  • Priority Pass to Property
    Sellers are eager to seal a deal, whether on or off-market. Reduced off-market competition can lead to better price points for buyers. Additionally, direct communication with homeowners allows for more questions and shared savings on marketing costs.
  • Seamless Negotiations
    Experience the serenity of reduced buyer competition with off-market sales. Bid farewell to crowded auctions, sidestep hectic home inspections, and avoid the frenzied bidding wars. Evaluate choices, secure loans, and inspect property at your pace.
  • Stress-Free Transactions
    This is the mutual benefit: significantly less pressure and strain between buyer and seller than a public property campaign. Off-market sales often result in closer cooperation between buyer and seller, even if an agent is engaged for final negotiations.