Market your home today to save tomorrow

It can be hard to know where to start when selling your home, it can be expensive and can take a lot of time. With Abodely selling your home is as easy as posting a picture of your home on our platform. Abodely is the world’s first social platform focused exclusively on homes.

Create your home’s profile in less than 60 seconds, giving your home an “always-on” marketing presence allowing others to discover, search, and enquire on their dream home, whilst reaching
high-intent buyers.

How does Abodely work?

Showcase your home in 3 easy Steps

1. Create your home profile
Start marketing your home and be found by prospective future buyers in less than 60 seconds.
2. Engage with potential buyers
Post photos and videos of your home
Engage with your home's 'followers' in app
3. Kickstart the sale
Test the market by receiving enquiries from potential buyers.
Connect with them directly or let us connect you with a local Real Estate Agent (Coming soon)

Who is Abodely for?

Abodely connects you with potential buyers directly or share these potential buyers with your Real Estate Agent.
Soon Abodely will be able to assist with finding the right agent for you.
  • Test the market and learn the value of your property in a risk-free environment by connecting directly with interested buyers.
  • Thinking you might sell for the right price? Find high-intent buyers, obligation free.
  • Looking to downsize (or upsize) generate demand for your home now to maximise it's future sale price

Getting started on Abodely is simple, secure and free

  • Create - Sign up and create your home's profile in less than a minute. Rest assure, Abodely will never display your home's street address.
  • Engage - With prospective future buyers by posting regular updates to your home’s profile to grow interest and demand. When you're closer to selling, simply update it's status to notify your home's followers.
  • Connect - Test the market with confidence by getting real-time feedback from potential buyers, so you know when to sell.
  • Partner - Find local real estate professional to help you with the sale. Agents know the market and will help you maximise your sale price.
Two young women using the abodely app to discover their dream home