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Sydney’s Best Areas for Real Estate Agents in 2024

Tom Coe

It’s no secret that Sydneysiders are obsessed with property. But for the city’s real estate agents, property isn't just an obsession; it's a business.

So, which area is best for an ambitious real estate agent?

We collated a list of every real estate licence holder in Sydney (all 27,596 of them), and ranked 29 of Sydney’s local government areas (LGAs) based on the following metrics:

  1. Median house prices
  2. Agents per dwelling
  3. Five-year supply growth

Sydney’s Best Areas for Real Estate Agents

Key Findings

  • Strathfield came out on top as the best area for real estate agents. It’s got moderate agent density, the fastest supply growth over five years, and above-average median house prices.
  • Parramatta and The Hills Shire followed closely behind, with fewer agents per capita. However, slightly lower median house prices kept them from the top spot.
  • The City of Ryde and Bayside rounded out the top five best areas in Sydney for real estate agents. "These areas are ripe for agents looking to establish or expand their presence," says Tom Coe, founder of Abodely, an off-market property platform.
  • Blacktown came in 7th place for its balance of low agent competition and burgeoning supply growth. This echoes success stories like a young agent’s $7 million year in the region, highlighting the potential in areas like Quakers Hill, Blacktown, Marsden Park and Schofields where a growing market meets lower agent saturation.
  • The Lane Cove LGA was the most expensive area in the top 10, with a median house price over $3.6 million cementing its place.
  • Agents tired of the cut-throat competition should look to Sydney's outskirts. Penrith City sneaks into the top 10 with only two agents per 1000 people, the equal lowest. The City of Campbelltown, City of Fairfield, and City of Liverpool also shine with the lowest agent-per-dwelling ratios. 
  • Sydney’s fringe areas promise ample opportunities thanks to their development boom and fewer competing agents. "As the median dwelling price in these areas continues to soar, established agents will be well placed to benefit from the higher median prices," added Coe.
  • Agents in affluent areas like the City of Sydney, North Sydney, and Woollahra should rethink their strategies. High house prices attract agents in droves. Coe advises, "Agents looking to establish themselves need to think beyond just high property values. It’s about understanding the market dynamics and thinking about how to gain an edge.”

Sydney LGAs with the Least Competition Per Dwelling

The Sydney Suburbs Overflowing with Real Estate Agents

Press & Media Enquiries

For any press and media enquiries, or for access to any specific base data, please contact Tom Coe at tcoe@abodely.app.

Sources & Methodology 

Median house price: We obtained this data from HTAG Analytics in January 2024 and cross-referenced with the latest research from Domain.

Agents per dwelling: We downloaded the entire NSW registry of real estate licence holders and filtered for the active agents in the 29 chosen local government areas. Then we compared that to the number of dwellings in each LGA.

Five-year supply growth: We obtained the number of dwellings from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing, in both 2016 and 2021. Then we calculated the percentage change between the two figures.

Agent Opportunity Index: We calculated the index score for each areas by applying weights to three metrics above. The highest weighting was applied to the agents per dwelling metric, then supply growth, then the media house price.

About Abodely

Abodely is Australia's premier social platform for off-market properties. Showcase your home and receive enquiries, all while avoiding costly marketing campaigns and with the flexibility to work with an agent or go solo.

It’s buying and selling property on your terms. The way it should be.

Tom Coe

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