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Rebel Wilson sold her home on Instagram

Liz Tierney

Rebel Wilson sold her home on Instagram

While most people choose a more traditional platform to find or sell their beautiful abodes, Rebel Wilson sold her home on Instagram.

Wait, what? She sold her home on Instagram?

The Pitch Perfect star pitched her Sydney Harbour home on Instagram in late March 2022. By early April, the jaw-dropping home in Birchgrove had officially sold.

 “There’s something special about this house, its location, its vibe and I am sad to see it go after a meticulous renovation,” Rebel wrote in the Instagram caption.

“It’s great for a boat owner with its own jetty and moorings. Or you can just watch all the boats goby every day - especially at sunset, it’s gorgeous… And all the neighbours know what a brilliant street and suburb it is to live in Sydney.”

The three-storey home in Sydney’s bayside inner west has undergone a “meticulous renovation” with stunning parquetry floors, marbled benchtops and a waterfront pool and deck. Not to mention, nearly every room boasts a view of the harbour.

In short, it’s stunning. So, it’s no wonder the home sold within a few short weeks for a cool 9.5 million Australian dollars.

A unique approach

The comments on Rebel’s post were full of praise for her unique approach.

“I love how you just casually put your home on the market in an Instagram post. I like your style!” one follower commented.

To which Rebel replied, “I mean, it was going to become very public anyway - so I’m happy to share x”.

Rebel’s approach of showcasing her home on the social media platform provided plenty of social engagement and dialogue with her followers about the not-so-humble abode. We’re fans of this approach as well.

“For people who like looking”

“There won’t be any open houses so I’ve put up some pics for people who like looking,” Rebel included in her caption.

We don’t know about you, but at Abodely, looking at houses online is one of our favourite pastimes.


If Rebel can doit, you can do it (same same but differently)

No, we’re not suggesting something as simple as “Well if Rebel can do it, so can you!” 

We understand Rebel has millions of followers (10.5 million at the time of posting her home and currently 11.2).

We understand Rebel has a team of PR and property experts in her corner.

And we understand Rebel’s house was more than a little special, boasting epic harbour views and an infinity pool, to name but a couple of the outstanding features.

But we also understand the power of using social mediums for discovering, showcasing and curating homes.

However, even if you were a serious buyer in Sydney in the 9-million-plusrange, there’s a chance you might not have been following Rebel Wilson on Instagram and completely missed the (sail) boat. That’s where Social Media 2.0 comes into play.


The shift in social media

People are frustrated with social media for a whole range of reasons; the ads, the fake news, the privacy concerns, the irrelevant content and ultimately, the increasingly invasive and addictive nature of these tiny icons can lead to a huge amount of time wasted.

Hands up if you’ve ever mindlessly scrolled through Instagram and ended up down a rabbit hole? (Or as we at Abodely like to call it, a scroll hole). If your hand is still lowered, we’re not calling you a liar but…

People want to stop wasting time on social media and start using these sites and services with more purpose.  

If you haven’t yet heard of the concept of Social Media 2.0, keep an ear out for it.

The shift in social media, or Social Media 2.0, means new tools and apps being developed will have less focus on socialising and more focus on specific activities or bespoke interests.

This shift signifies a movement towards a more creator-driven experience, where the main reason users will open an app is to engage with content that precisely appeals to them.

Use Abodely to showcase, curate or discover your dream home

Abodely is the new kid on the block, a property app designed to help you showcase curate or discover your dream home. Better yet, it’s a property app you can use purposefully.

Abodely is a visual medium with user-generated content.

If you’re house-proud, Abodely can be your home’s gallery to share your pride and joy with your friends and family or the entire Abodely community.

If you’re house-curious, you can find what you’re looking for with Abodely’s unique home search.

Or, in Rebel’s words, Abodely can simply be used for people who “like looking.”

Ultimately, our mission at Abodely is to improve the user experience for everyone who is passionate about homes and create a community of like-minded people.


Join the Abodely community today!

Liz Tierney

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